Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative Cecil Substation

PPEC’s Cecil Substation is slated for a rebuild in 2020 to improve electric reliability, system durability, and increased load capacity for PPEC members.

In 2020, Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative is planning $5,673,951 in investments focused on system improvements that will directly increase the co-op’s service reliability and maintain existing facilities – all without an electric rate increase for residential or commercial members.

Primary components of the 2020 work plan include:

  • Rebuild of the Cecil Substation for improved reliability, system durability, and increased load capacity for future growth.
  • A budgeted 28 miles of line rebuilds across Ohio and Indiana, as well as sectionalizing to reduce outage minutes.
  • Testing 3,565 poles in Adams, Jackson, and Maumee townships in Indiana and Carryall and Harrison townships in Ohio. Any poles that fail the test will be replaced.
  • Right-of-way maintenance and tree trimming in Indiana’s Allen County and in parts of Ohio’s Paulding and Van Wert counties.
  • Purchasing new equipment, like a bucket truck, poles, wire, etc.

“The PPEC trustees and employees work hard to deliver electric power that is reliable, safe and cost-competitive with our neighboring utilities,” said PPEC President and CEO George Carter. “Be assured that we are working to replace aging facilities, increase efficiency and improve our service reliability – all without raising rates and also returning $1.8 million in capital credits last year to members.”

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Have questions about upcoming construction in your area? Give PPEC’s office a call at 800-686-2357.

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