Do you know what it means to be a Co-op Voter? A Co-op Voter:

  • Wants to preserve the way of life in rural America, but not let our future generations be left behind technologically.
  • Believes in policies that will modernize our nation’s energy supply in a way that keeps costs affordable, promotes system reliability, and avoids imposing undue burdens on our energy supply system.
  • Wants to be an active voice in the community and promote the democratic system of governance for all our nation’s institutions, from our co-ops to the halls of Congress.
  • Will vote for any candidate, regardless of party, who is willing to help ensure that rural Americans will have ready access to reliable, affordable energy.

YOUR rural community depends on Co-op Voters. You must raise your voice to be heard. You, along with the 900+ electric cooperatives across the country.

Learn about the issues. Find your polling place. Talk to your family and friends. Most importantly, make sure you get out and VOTE.

Learn more, find your polling place, or even register to vote today at

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