Beat the Peak

Beat the Peak is a free, voluntary program encouraging members to shift electric use away from the peak-use hours anytime between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. The time varies with each peak, and PPEC will notify our members of the specific time frame via social media, text, and/or email. The price PPEC pays for electricity rises sharply during those times, so Beat the Peak allows members to help PPEC reduce costs associated with power.  This is an opportunity for all our members to save money! By conserving during peak times, you help keep PPEC rates low!

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       Why it’s Important!

Ways To Conserve!

All it takes is making some simple changes at home, including:

  • Raising the thermostat in your home by 3 degrees during peak hours.
  • Shifting your use of hot water away from the peak-demand hours.
  • Avoiding the use of major appliances between the peak hours of  2 p.m. and 8 p.m. or the time frame specified on the top banner of this page.

Together, small changes in how we use electricity can have a big impact on PPEC’s power costs.

Avoide Cost Graph

Conserve Energy, Help Keep Rates Low, Plus Earn Account Credits!

A radio-controlled switch (RCS) is a device that is installed on select air conditioning and electric water heater systems.  The purpose of the radio-controlled switch is to help prevent the cooperative from exceeding a preset maximum amount of power being consumed by all member loads combined, called a peak.  During a peak alert, when the electric use is extremely high, the RCS turns off power to the air conditioning and electric water heater systems in effort to keep rates stable by reducing the peak demand.

EXISTING A/C EQUIPMENT AND WATER HEATERS WITHOUT A PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED Radio Control Switch (RCS) and no rebate issued = $25.00 initial account credit + $5.00 account credit per month during peak months (June-August)

  1. After receipt the application will be scheduled in the order in which it was received. The consumer will be contacted to set an appointment for installation of the RCS.
  2. Multiple switches can be installed on multiple appliances. Maximum of $25.00 initial account credit per household. Maximum of $15.00 account credit per year during peak months.
  3. The RCS must remain operational for the life of the equipment.

All rebates are subject to change and Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative reserves the right to deny any and all rebate requests.

RCS Rebate Fillable Form

PDF Version:Rebate Application

Beat the Peak Alerts will be announced on local media and the following places: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email.  Click the Links below to be in the KNOW!


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