Paulding, OH –Oct. 31st, 2017 – Over 50 ACRE/COPA® members attended Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative’s (PPEC) annual breakfast Oct. 27th. Congressman Bob Latta was the featured speaker and was able to discuss the many obstacles facing our nation and the electrical industry. ACRE/COPA® is a true grassroots political action committee, which helps keep electric rates low for PPEC members. The breakfast is held each year for the members to receive an update on the current happenings in Washington D.C.

One of the main topics this year was current energy policies. “We have to focus on an all above energy approach, because if we don’t, we will drive up the cost of electricity. The past administration was out to kill coal and the rate payers would have been the ones ultimately paying the price,” stated Congressman Latta.

Latta also discussed cyber security, autonomous vehicles, and the low unemployment rate. He added that he is constantly monitoring and making sure we have the right policies in place.

PPEC’s CEO George Carter wrapped up the meeting by thanking everyone for being part of ACRE/COPA® “ACRE gives us a powerful, persuasive voice to counter political dysfunction in Washington and act as an honest broker for our employees and consumer-members. I see this program as a wonderful opportunity for cooperative members, to be more involved in the political process and supportive of the cooperative, which they own.”

For more information on ACRE/COPA®, please visit our or call 1-800-686-2357.

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