We know this story is old and isn’t quite “local,” but we saw it in Good News Network (read here) and couldn’t resist sharing the positivity! It’s from Columbus, Ohio.

A team of restaurant servers was left crying tears of joy after they discovered one of their patrons had left them a massive tip prior to their closure amidst COVID-19 shutdowns.

The Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio had been preparing to close up shop on Sunday evening after Gov. Mike DeWine ordered all restaurants and bars to limit their services to delivery and carryout options as a means of limiting potential infections.

Despite how Coaches restaurant owner Benny Leonard says the order may prove to be a cause for concern in his business, he and his staffers were particularly heartened by a note that was left by one of their regular customers.

The patron, a middle-aged man who insisted on remaining anonymous, left a $2,500 tip on a bill totaling just $29.75.

In addition to requesting his identity remain a secret, he also asked for the hefty gratuity to be divided equally amongst the restaurant’s five servers.

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