Energy Audit Rebate Program

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Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative now offers home energy audits to help members improve the efficiency, comfort, and safety of their home. An energy audit primarily helps assess how much energy your home is using and what measures you can take to make your home more efficient. Professional equipment, such as the blower door and infrared camera, can be used during the energy audit to inspect, test, and measure where your home is losing energy.

A home energy audit report will be sent to you after the energy audit is complete. This report will provide cost effective ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of the home. Also included in the report will be noted current and potential health and safety concerns and how they may be affected by proposed changes.

  1. The audit will be conducted in a non-biased manner by our trusted and trained professionals.
  2. The cost is $100.00 If changes are made based on the report, The Cooperative will reimburse the member $100.00 (account credit) the cost of the Energy Audit.
  3. Fill out the proper application and mail to PPEC.
  4. After receipt, the application will be reviewed by the Energy Auditor and will be scheduled in the order in which it was received and the consumer will be contacted to set an appointment.

All rebates are subject to change and Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative reserves the right to deny any and all rebate requests.

Energy Audit Rebate Program Application 

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