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Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative wants to honor farmers and agricultural businesspeople whose hard work, strong ethics, and dedication deserve kudos. We received several nominations of local farmers and PPEC members who deserve recognition. Please vote for your favorite farmer below, or the one you feel most deserves to be Farm Famous. The grand prize winner will receive a plaque, a feature story and custom cover on the magazine, and a $100 bill credit.

Here’s a special tribute to each our farmers who were nominated by someone in the community for our Farm Famous Program. Entries are listed in the order they were received:
Dan Meyer, Hoagland, IN – Meyer, Inc.
“It doesn’t matter the time of day or night. Dan is there to take care of his customers. If a customer is planting at 2 AM to stay ahead of the rain and is running short on seed, he knows he can call Dan and the seed will be delivered to his customer in the field at 2 AM. Oftentimes along with the seed, there will be a cup of coffee and a sandwich for his customer. That’s why I have such respect for him. His customers have become his friends.”
Lynn and Barb Bradtmueller, New Haven, IN
“They farm corn and beans and work tirelessly to provide for the community. Through the ups and downs of last season with the unpredictable weather, they stood strong and worked so hard. Lynn has been a farmer his whole life like his dad, and Barb is a preschool director at Peace Lutheran Preschool in Fort Wayne.”
Joseph Kaufman, Leipsic, OH
“Joe has farmed our land since 1994 and for himself before that. He has a true love for the land and is always busy checking for broken down tile or ditch problems. He tries to win the battle of man versus weeds and to grow the best crops he can. He keeps current with the latest changes, whether with the local ASC or if the county has a meeting concerning ditch maintenance. Our farm is a century farm having been owned since 1873 continuously in our family. My husband had to stop farming due to the dust and I feel it couldn’t be in better hands than Joe’s.”
Lonnie and Sue Miller, Grover Hill, OH – Miller Farms
“They are a true example of traditional hardworking farmers who value their community. They have strong moral values and are always helping their local neighbors in need. It’s all about helping out others and feeding our world for them. They are 3rd generation farmers. They maybe not be the biggest farmers in the county but they value the land and the good Lord who provided it for us.”
Kevin Siefker, Columbus Grove, OH
“Kevin works from time he gets up to the time he goes to bed. He has at least 100 head of cattle that he feeds out so we can buy for butchered beef. He definitely is a true farmer in so many ways. Kevin has 3 children and a wife, and makes sure the children are very involved in the farming to pass down. It is a true inspiration and honor to call Kevin my nephew and he is definitely making his grandpa proud up in the heavens.”
Jerry Mosier, Middle Point, OH – Mosier Farms
“Jerry is a very hard working man that continues to amaze me each day. He continues to keep up with the younger men, sometimes working circles around them and is 76 yrs old.. He is a wonderful papa and father.”
Adam Mosier, Middle Point, OH – Mosier Farms
“He works a full time job, then comes home and works another full time job with the Farm. He is definitely a good father and hardworking farmer that could use a boosting. In his free time, he loves family fishing trips and camping trips.”
James Merriman, Oakwood, OH – County Livestock Savanna Goats
“My husband, James Merriman, works so hard daily! He retired from GM 42 years, farms and works daily at our Savanna goat business. We love our savanna journey! Thanks Jim for working so hard for us! ❤️
Jesse Hefner, Payne, OH
“My husband Jesse has been a farmer 30 + years, firefighter (chief) for 20+ years, and factory worker for 20 yrs. I love him dearly and his drive to make our lives better and safe. <3 “
Keith Klopfenstein, Scott, OH
“Keith farms and is also an EMT helper with Scott Fire Department and Grover Hill Fire Department. When Oakwood and Paulding fire departments are short on volunteers, he also donates his time there. He assists with Habitat for Humanity, is active with his church, and handy making repairs. He’s very community oriented and isn’t one to go blowing his own horn or bragging, but he is very big with community involvement. He is always helping others. Honestly, their entire family are good people.”


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