These are great for Halloween decorations!

Inexpensive Witch Hats
Fishing Line
Long Needle
LED light sticks, or battery powered tea lights, or glow sticks. Which ever works for you.
Safety Pins
Outdoor Command Hooks for Lights

What to do:

  • Attach one command hook to the ceiling in each spot that you want the hats to hang.
  • String 2-3 feet of fishing line onto the needle. Feed the needle through the point of the Witch hat on the outside of the hat. Bring the fishing line through to the interior of the hat. Leave some of the line on the outside of the hat.
  • Remove the needle and tie the fishing line around a saftey pin.
  • Use the saftey pin to attach a light stick, it can be LED or whatever light you chose to use. Make sure it’s lightweight.
  • Tie a loop in the end of the fishing line on top of the hat and hang it on the command hook.


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