The Paulding County Vision Board commissioned the study thanks to a donation made by Paulding Putnam Electric Co-op and Buckeye Power. The villages of Antwerp and Paulding also contributed to having a more in-depth study of their downtown areas. The objective was to find out exactly what the county’s housing needs were so there can be more of a targeted approach in improving Paulding County quality of life.

Aaron Timm is the chair for the Vision Board’s Housing Committee and says this study proves there is huge potential for growth in the housing market for Paulding County. “The housing study firm DiSalvo Development Advisors was able to deliver an unbiased and powerful report. The findings will be a helpful tool for potential investors making critical decisions and assist many generations of Paulding county residents.  It is definite confirmation of our great need of improved housing and retail,” said Timm.

The study confirmed the following:

  1. There is a lack of new housing developments.
  2. Low- and upper-income levels of rentals are in demand, but not available.
  3. Tax abatements are underutilized incentives.
  4. Residents are wanting their housing near parks and grocery stores.
  5. Downtown Paulding should be recognized as the core of the county and investment should begin there.
  6. Antwerp residents want a grocery story and could support that type of business.
  7. When it comes to retail, Paulding County is lacking and, therefore the residents living in the county spend an estimated $110 million a year outside the county.

“Based on the information this study is providing, it is solidifying what all of Paulding County has thought and believed to be true. To have an outside set of eyes put all of this into hard data, we will be able to use this report as an important recruiting tool for new developers and investors.  Developers are looking for hard data, prior to investing into a community/county.  Now that we have that data, even down to the details of what our residents are even willing to pay per month, it is only going to help us draw the necessary attention and help apply for available funding,” stated Paulding County Economic Development Director Tim Copsey.

The housing study was completed on July 1, 2020 by DiSalvo Development Advisors, LLC. You can find the complete study at or reach out one of the following entities:

  • Paulding County Economic Office
  • Paulding County Vision Board
  • Paulding County and Municipal offices

Click HERE for the complete study PDF.

For those unfamiliar with the Paulding County Vision Board: It’s a board made up of representatives throughout Paulding County. Their mission is to coordinate collaboration, plan strategically, secure funding, and create a livable Paulding County community for generations to come.

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