Materials you need:

  • scissors
  • white mini lights
  • red burlap rolls
  • white burlap roll
  • denim roll (or old jeans that can be cut up)

denim burlap garland supplies


Cut the red burlap ribbon in 10 inch sections and then cut length wise down the middle.  Repeat this same cutting process with the white burlap ribbon.  To cover the entire string of lights, you will need two rolls of each type ribbon.

denim burlap garland red

Cut the denim ribbon in 10 inch sections and then cut into thirds length wise.

denim burlap garland denim

Decide what pattern you wish to use in relation to the colors.

Simply tie the strips of burlap and denim around the mini lights.  tie once.  If you choose to double knot, you will need more ribbon as this will change the length requirements.

denim burlap garland knot

Continue tying the strips of burlap and denim ribbon around the wire until the wire is completely covered.

denim burlap garland upclose

 Look at the the touch of Americana it adds for the Fourth of July!  The denim and burlap are so cool!

denim burlap garland star background


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