We are proud to announce PPEC member Casey Etter of Cloverdale, Ohio, near Dupont H-22 has won our 2018 Griswold Christmas Lights Contest. Casey, 18, is the son of Mark Etter, and says the display uses around 10,000 bulbs and took 5 days to set up.
“As the middle child, I do all of this just because I like the Christmas season,” Casey says. “We used to have only a few lights in the yard, but as I got older, I wanted more and more. Soon, we added a tractor, a 20-foot tree, and synchronized the lights to music. We just keep adding each year.”
Many teens ask for games or electronics for Christmas, but Casey says he only asks for Christmas lights.
“Many people forget the reason for the season, but we feature three nativity scenes to show Jesus is the reason for the season. It’s not about presents – it’s about Jesus.”
Kudos to Casey for his hard work, dedication, and time. His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed from his local electric co-op, and the Etter family will see a $50 bill credit on their next electric bill.
Thank you to all our members who submitted beautiful photos for the contest, and to all those who voted. From our co-op family to yours, merry Christmas! May it be as bright as the Etter family’s lights! 

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