Renewable Energy

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Paulding Putnam Electric has a Wind Turbine and a Solar Panel System on site, Please feel free to call us and ask any questions pertaining to renewable energies! 

*You can also ask for a one-on-one consultation with Energy Advisor, Peter Niagu! Net Billing information is listed below.

Call: 1-800-686-2357

Paulding-Putnam’s Current Wind Turbine Generation

Generating Your Own Renewable Energy

If you’d like to install a wind or solar generation system on your property, our team will walk you through the process. We do not sell renewable systems but we can direct you in the correct direction.

How it Works

After you complete your wind or solar system, we’ll install a meter that records how much energy you generate onto the grid.

How You’re Billed

Most members with solar or wind systems still purchase energy from Paulding Putnam Electric each month. But if you generate more electricity than you consume, we’ll buy it from you at wholesale generation rates. This will be monitored on your monthly bill and credited to your bill the following December.

Tax Credits for Installations

While installation can be expensive, tax credits can help you reduce the cost of your wind or solar system. Learn more from  

Connecting Your Power Source to the Grid

Thank you for your interest in Paulding Putnam Electric’s renewable energy Net  Billing Program (NBP).  This program is intended for Renewable Producers of 25 kW or less. Here are the steps to follow:
To ensure your renewable energy system is installed safely and to code, we ask that you review the Net Billing Program Information Sheet below.
The NBP Information Sheet contains links to the forms necessary to begin the process of connecting your renewable energy system to the PPEC distribution grid. It also contains schedule information that provides a timeline for completion of the connection process.

For more information, call  Peter Niagu : 1-800-686-2357 or email :

Forms and Agreements


Terms and Conditions of Service

Generation Less Than 25KW


Generation Greater Than 25KW



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