Retail Energy Choice

With an electric cooperative, the power stays with YOU. After all, you already own it!

Retail energy choice explained

Ever had someone show up on your doorstep or call you to see if you want to change electric providers?

If you live in cooperative territory (like Paulding Putnam Electric Co-op), you receive your electricity from and are an owner and member of that co-op. Co-ops are unique because we have complete control over our energy supply and own all of our generation resources, keeping rates stable and competitive.

So there’s no need for members like you to “choose” your power supplier — you already own it! Market prices fluctuate with demand, while co-op prices are locked in place.

*NOTE: If you notice an aggregation issue on a local ballot, rest assured that you won’t be affected if you’re a co-op member. Your power will still come from Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative — no surprises.

Keep your control, and be confident in your co-op. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-686-2357.

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