Service Limiters


A service limiter and remote disconnect device can be installed on a meter once non-payment is reoccurring for a member. Limited service is provided to members during extreme weather days, despite non-payment.

When in limiting mode, it MAY allow you to use the following: refrigerator, water pump, a few lights, heat in a room, and microwave.

This device WILL NOT allow you to run the following: water heater, clothes dryers, and electric range

The device will “trip out” when a combination of items used exceeds its capacity. Some testing on your part will probably be necessary to determine your choices in electric items to be used and for what duration.

To keep the “service limiter” working, it is best to turn off or disengage fuses, switches, or breakers on water heaters, dryers, electric ranges, and other larger electrical devices that will cause the limiter to keep tripping off.

If you should overload the service limiter, it will trip off, leaving you without electric service. Use the following instructions if this should happen:

  1. Turn everything off in your home except for a few lights
  2. Go out to your meter
  3. Reset the device using the reset button as indicated by the above picture that matches your service.
  4. Push this button to restore your service
  5. Give the meter a few minutes to reset.
  6. Go in and turn on a limited number of electric items.

If you have not reduced your electrical consumption before pushing this reset button, the service limiter will trip off in a short time. 

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