The Paulding County Emergency Management Agency would like to express their gratitude to the Three River Distilling Co., in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, for their generous donation of 20 gallons of Hand Sanitizer to the First Responders, Healthcare Facilities and those much needed groups in Paulding County. Director Edward Bohn was searching online for businesses making hand sanitizer and came across a story of the Three Rivers Distilling Co. making and donating it to those in need. He applied and went to pick it up. He was shocked to learn they were providing 20 gallons of the sanitizer to Paulding County as well!

The product will be placed in individual containers and distributed to the various first responding agencies, healthcare facilities and to other much needed groups. They have been overwhelmed by everyone being so gracious throughout this process; many that requested but have found sanitizer elsewhere are letting them know and asking to reallocate their sanitizer to someone else. Requests are taking between 10 and 14 days to fill. While our priority is first responders and healthcare providers, more of their focus is now fulfilling household and business requests.

Donate to help!

If you would like to help out with the cost incurred in making the hand sanitizer, the distillery would appreciate a donation to help continue to purchase supplies to make additional hand sanitizer. The supply cost is $30 per gallon. You can make a donation through their GoFundMe Campaign HERE.

Need hand sanitizer?

If you are in need of Hand Sanitizer personally or for your business or organization, please fill out your information on the Request Form.

**This story is from the West Bend News. Read full story here.

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