Tractor Safety

Looking up can save your life

Farm equipment and power lines don’t mix. Multiple accidents happen each year when those operating equipment forget to look up. It’s good to keep in mind the safety rule to keep all equipment, people, tools or whatever else you may be using at least 10 feet in radius away from overhead power lines. It’s important to always remember to lower equipment when going near power lines. When you do have to move equipment near power lines, have someone on the outside spotting you.   However if your equipment comes in contact with a power line there are a few steps to follow to avoid being electrocuted.

    1. Stay in the cab to call 911. Stay there until electric company and emergency responders arrive to give clearance to exit equipment
    1. If there others are around, make sure they stay back AT LEAST 10 feet.
  • In case of an emergency only (Fire); jump and shuffle
    1. If the equipment is on fire or any type of emergency situation, hop off with arms hugging yourself. NEVER touch the ground while still touching the equipment.
    2. Shuffle your feet away from the equipment keeping them close together and always on the ground.
    3. Make sure to get AT LEAST 10 feet away from the equipment.

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